Sunday, June 26, 2016

KC Property Pros offers options to Conventional Home Selling

Homeowners needing immediate relief from the economic burden of home ownership can call upon the experts at KC Property Pros.

Whether moving to accept a new job, inheriting a property, divorce, or downsizing, KC Property Pros—started by Brandon Logan—possesses over a decade of experience in the Kansas City area, helping hundreds of homeowners with the easy, cost effective sale their home.

Judy R. always knew she would one day move from her home of 20+ years to one offering main level living. She had seen articles about KC Property Pros, liked what they had to say about the company, and held onto their information.

When the home of some friends sold before their new home being built was completed, Judy, who had already moved, rented her former house to them during construction.

I never wanted to be a landlord, so after they moved out I decided to sell the house,” Judy recalled. “I called KC Property Pros and set up a time with Brandon to come over. From the very beginning he was very positive, kind, down-to-earth, extremely professional, and interested in how he and the company could help me.”
In addition to KC Property Pros, Judy contacted two other companies. “The first guy gave me an insulting offer on the spot,” she said. “I had done enough research and was pretty educated as far as what these types of companies do, and knew it was worth more than he offered. The third company was fine (KC Property Pros was the second company to tour her home), but I just had a gut feeling about Brandon, and what other people said in the articles I previously read.”
“Homeowners need a buyer they can trust - that’s us,” Logan said. “They don’t need a national company that just puts their house into a formula to make a low-ball offer. They need to sell but want someone to help them make the best decision. We offer honest solutions for local sellers.”

After touring a house, Logan usually makes an offer within 24 hours and since the company pays cash, the seller can avoid going through a more conventional selling process, and often close within as little as a week.

When Logan came to Judy’s home with an offer, “We visited for about ½-hour before he even showed it to me,” she said. “He was kind enough to be concerned about how he could help me feel good about selling it. Even though I had moved on, I was still a little protective of the home, but felt that it was in good hands, no matter who they eventually sold it to.”
Logan’s offer included taking care of needed repairs. “Most buyers don’t want to buy a house and then work on it,” Logan explained. “Today’s buyers want a move-in-ready house, but the repairs can be very expensive, especially if the seller does not have a background in construction or design.”

Moreover, Logan explained it’s very important to make the right repairs, even if they are only cosmetic. “I’ve seen good people make expensive mistakes updating or rehabbing their home,” he said, “either from hiring bad contractors to something as simple as picking out the wrong colors. It’s not an easy process and mistakes can be very costly.”

According to Brett Shelton, Logan’s business partner, KC Property Pros offers advantages that national companies cannot.

“Because we know the Kansas City area real estate market and local home values,” Shelton said, “we use our own local construction company to do the renovation and all of the money generated by buying, renovating and reselling the homes stays in Kansas City. These advantages allow us to pay more than our competitors.”

For those facing foreclosure or a short sale, Logan points out that his background as a real estate agent for banks is especially helpful to homeowners.

“I have experience working with banks in those situations,” he said. “If you know someone going through hard times and about to lose their home, have them call me as soon as possible. We can help them avoid foreclosure and get them a fresh start in life.”

“If you need to sell, I highly recommend KC Property Pros,” said Judy. I have good insights into people, and Brandon is just a good person and I couldn’t me more pleased, right down to [the office staff] that was kind, patient and gentle with me.”
Contact: Brandon Logan at 816-582-8100.

Web: Visit and fill out a form to get started.

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