Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sell your home quickly and efficiently, within a week, with KC Property Pros

There are many reasons for making a move from one home to another: Divorce, changing jobs, inheriting a property, wanting something larger…the list is endless. For any of these reasons, KC Property Pros offers a variety of solutions for homeowners needing or wanting to sell, without going through the conventional home sale process.

When Ted and Sue Sullivan decided to downsize, they consulted a real estate agent to learn what the process would entail. The complexity of it all was an instant turnoff. “The ‘regular route’ included preparing, listing, showing, and negotiating, in the middle of our already busy lives,” Sue recalled. “We wanted something more convenient and on our own time schedule.”

The couple had previously read a newspaper article about KC Property Pros featuring a couple who was downsizing, just like them. “We kept reading about KC Property Pros' longevity in business and good overall service compared to other companies,” Ted said. “When we were ready to begin the process it seemed natural to contact Brandon.”

Brandon Logan, owner of KC Property Pros, started the business in 2005 and has extensive real estate experience that allows him to realistically value the homes his company purchases. Brett Shelton, who joined him in 2009, possesses expertise in accounting and remodeling. Together, they are able to offer homeowners the best advice on how to sell their house, even if KC Property Pros isn’t their best option.

“Homeowners need a buyer they can trust - that’s us,” Logan said. “They don’t need a national company that just puts their house into a formula to make a low-ball offer. They need to sell but want someone to help them make the best decision. We offer honest solutions for local sellers.”

After touring a house, Logan usually makes an offer within 24 hours and since the company pays cash, the seller can avoid going through a more conventional selling process, and often close within as little as a week.

“We wanted to downsize from our two-story home with a basement, to a one-level home that was close to both of our work locations,” Sue explained. “We also wanted a larger outdoor space and at least a one car garage - two things that our larger home didn't have.”

Ted was impressed with not only the easy sale of their home, but the guidance they received on what to do next. “Brandon was honest, upfront, and fair with us about our property,” he said. “We felt like we got a good deal (and) Brandon was good about setting us up with a real estate agent to look for the downsized property in the location we wanted.

Logan points out that his background as a real estate agent is especially helpful to homeowners.
“I have experience working with banks in a variety of situations,” he said, “including foreclosures and short sales. If you know someone going through hard times and about to lose their home, have them call me as soon as possible. We can help them avoid foreclosure and get them a fresh start in life.”

If the home you want to sell needs repairs, KC Property Pros has the expertise to help with that as well.

“It’s very important to make the right repairs even if the repairs are only cosmetic,” Logan explained. “But repairs can be very expensive, especially if the seller does not have a background in construction or design.”

To that Shelton added, “Because we know the Kansas City area real estate market and local home values, we use our own local construction company to do the renovation and all of the money generated by buying, renovating and reselling the homes stays in Kansas City. These advantages allow us to pay more than our competitors.”

The Sullivans’ interaction with KC Property Pros went deeper than just with Logan. “Every associate we encountered was kind, courteous, and patiently answered our questions through the whole process,” Ted said. “We now have our larger outdoor space, our down-sized/one-level home, AND a garage!”

Those who want to sell their home may visit the website and fill out the form, or they may call Brandon Logan at 816-582-8100.

Contact: Brandon Logan, 816-582-8100.